Lucy Hilditch Studio – Large Steel Vase

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Steel Tubular Vase by Lucy Hilditch Studio

Hand fabricated and finished in Greater Manchester, an exclusive collection of brutalist, mid-century inspired steel vases by Lucy Hilditch Studio.

Each vase is finished with a patina offering a unique and captivating addition to any space. These vases embody the perfect balance between the industrial charm of steel and the allure of handcrafted artistry.
Through a careful application of chemical reactions, heat and oxidation, the steel surfaces undergo a mesmerising transformation, resulting in rich and nuanced hues of orange, green and blues with along the body showcasing black/grey colouring. The patina finish boasts its own distinct character, ensuring that no two vases are exactly alike.
Beyond their visual appeal, our vases offer versatility in functionality. Whether used as standalone statement pieces or as vessels for floral arrangements, their sturdy construction ensures their durability and stability.

– Hand fabricated in Manchester, UK
– Made small batch exclusively for 81a Store
– Weight: 2.4 kg approx
– Dimensions: H 25cm, D 12cm
– Care: All products are finished with a hardwearing wax which, overtime, is not impervious to moisture. We advise rinsing out your vase with tepid water after use inside and outside if necessary. Leave to dry and or wipe clean with a dry soft cloth. Do not use any abrasive materials as this may scratch the finish.
Store upside down, away from any sharp objects that may scratch the vase and finish.
Due to the vases individual weight, shipping costs may be higher at checkout.

Due to the nature of our products being handcrafted, during it’s process may have been left with small signs of love and craftsmanship. 

Lucy Hilditch Studio – Large Steel Vase

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