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Steel Vase held in sand dunes

“At Lucy Hilditch Studio, we create thoughtful and bespoke steel furniture and objects that are as unique as the spaces they’re destined for.

My daily work revolves around a company dedicated to manufacturing stainless steel bollards and counter-terrorism products. It was here that the idea Lucy Hilditch Studio was formed! Drawing inspiration from the remarkable products emerging from the workshop, I discovered the inherent grace that can be found in objects typically designed for practicality.

While steel is commonly associated with its robustness and durability, Lucy strives to demonstrate that even the toughest materials can be transformed into their most stunning and distinctive forms when handled with care and reverence.

Ultimately, we emerged as a platform for exploring the extraordinary possibilities of steel, unveiling its hidden potential and embracing a fresh perspective on this versatile material.

Hand fabricated and finished in Greater Manchester, our exclusive collection of steel vases finished with a patina offers a unique and captivating addition to any space. Each vase embodies the perfect balance between the industrial, robust charm of steel and the allure of handcrafted artistry.

Through a careful application of chemical reactions, heat and oxidation, the steel surfaces undergo a mesmerising transformation, resulting in rich and nuanced hues. Each patina finish boasts its own distinct character, ensuring that no two vases are exactly alike.

Beyond their visual appeal, our vases offer versatility in functionality.
Whether used as standalone statement pieces or as vessels for floral arrangements, their sturdy construction ensures their durability and stability.

We hope you love them in your home as much as we love making them.

We were lucky to be able to visit her home where she showcases her robust yet strikingly peaceful makings bringing a small collection back with us for the store.
 You can shop Lucy’s vases below. Limited and exclusive to 81a Store.

Lucy Hilditch Studio


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