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Imogen of IRH.STUDIO

As you may already know, we very recently launched a collaboration with Hackney based, hand-built ceramicist, IRH.Studio.

Imogen, of IRH.Studio, came together with us at Found Life Store to create a small batch, limited run of three multi-use ceramic pieces.

Our collaboration came about as we have admired Imogen’s craft and pieces for some time. We have been lucky enough to have welcomed her own pieces into our home roughly a year before we formed Found Life Store.

We spent much time and consideration perfecting the style, glaze and overall design over a few months. Sending parcels back and forth and many messages and images sent between us – having drawn all over the images with preferences, designs and ‘ perfect as is ‘ markers. Some may have found this stressful, even just at the thought of it but to be fully honest, it was one of the the most exciting things to do. Letting our creative sides completely flow. Asking one another how we felt about certain elements and seeing our like-minds match up in areas and our friendship only growing during this process. You almost get a sense of it through the designs and items we ended up forming together.
A total hand-in-hand end piece. Something we are incredibly proud of. We thank Imogen, a whole bunch for being open, considerate and incredibly talented.
We have both enjoyed seeing them arrive in your homes and knowing they are receiving their intended use.

We asked Imogen, of IRH.Studio about her story as to why and how she ended up hand-building ceramic pieces.
We’d love for you to get to know Imogen and her process by reading below..

“ I once heard someone call themselves “a collector of hobbies” and I have yet to come up with a better way to describe myself. Four years ago I joined a pottery class and found the hobby that stuck. I adored the process of it all and, juxtaposingly you can’t help but implement your own style on a piece – it can be as simple as how you hold a ball of clay. 

Being a ceramicist makes a lot of sense for me, as someone who is sentimental to the point of absurdity. I hold so much value in everyday objects – coffee just does taste better out of your favourite mug (mine is a cup made by Mizuyo Yamashita). Each piece has its own story from the maker before it becomes a part of its owner’s life.

My obsession with objects of use continues through my process – one of my most used tools is a hand-carved wooden spatula I bought at a festive market in Warsaw years ago. After speaking to the man who had made it, it felt too special to cook with. The wooden grain slightly imprints on the leather-hard clay as I tap mugs into shape.


I gave up on the preciseness of wheel throwing. I come back to it from time-to-time but I find hand-building so meditative. The cliche of each hand-built piece having its own personality is one for a reason. Like shells on a beach, my ceramic scallop shells are all different, even though I’ve moulded them all off a single shell I took from my plate at a restaurant in Brighton I visited with my best friend and her boyfriend, just before they got engaged.

It is a bit obvious to say that nature is an influence of mine as it’s at the heart of all ceramics, it’s all of the elements combined.
This is apparent in this collaboration with Found Life Store –
I used lots of various British clays that I reclaimed into a dark buff stoneware. Until a piece goes for its first firing you can always recycle it back into usable clay.
I used slab, pinching and moulding techniques, forming the scoops over the end or a rolling pin and then refining before attaching the handles and adding the thumb dent.
The most surprising part of the collaboration was finding a blue glaze combination that I fell in love with. “


Our collaboration is mindful yet with function and beauty at the forefront.

We have just a few pieces left of our collaboration if you wish to peruse and or purchase, you can do so here

Photos of Imogen & her studio taken by
Oliver Vanes
Instagram: @olivervanes

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