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Juliette graduated from Sustainable Product Design in 2020, which she studied at Falmouth University in Cornwall.  Juliette takes inspiration from scenic outdoor images she takes, which can be seen on her website. 

Focusing on making functional pieces that become part of the users everyday life. With hope the use her ceramic pieces brings a moment of calm into the users day.

Product Longevity; Juliette’s opinion is that a products longevity is greatly increased if one has a personal connection to that object. In the case of the ceramic pieces that  create, the connection would (hopefully) be the love you feel for the product and the fact that you either know or have met her in real life  or  are following @JuliettesMakes ceramic journey on social media, and therefore know how much care and time went into its creation.

Waste; Until clay has been fired, ( the first firing up to 1080 degrees) it is infinitely recyclable. A conscious decision to inspect each piece before firing to make sure that she is 100% happy with it in order to reduce waste created by pieces that Juliette deems to be not up to standards. 

The studio that Juliette attends is run on 100% renewable energy. 

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Juliette Makes
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